Beyond The Rift


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"The old galaxy is dying, and a new galaxy struggles to be born; now is the time where monsters are born and heroes are forged."
  The Imperium has always been host to pockets of wilderness space that were either too remote or too dangerous to maintain a permanent presence. The fall of Cadia and subsequent emergence of the Great Rift delegated many occupied systems to a similar status, cut off from the greater Imperium by lack of stable warp routes.   One such sector of space, the Ilyxis Sector , finds itself a lone bastion of humanity among the terrors of the deep void. Even before the Noctis Aeterna it was considered a remote, yet profitable location. Now, it is nearly impossible to travel to or from. Despite this, the many valuable resources and Imperial infrastructure that the sector hold is attracting rogue traders trying to run massive profits on navigational data and monopolies on the sector's export.   Twin Bastion, a subsector named such because of the dual presence of both an Imperial & Mechanicus fortified system, is the beating heart of the sector. It's fate may very well depend on this subsector holding their own against the neverending tide of enemies.