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Edge Of the World

Looking out, blue stretched as far as the eye could see. The blue abyss consumed the horizon so Amelia couldn’t tell where the sky ended and the ocean began.
— Journey Across an Ocean of Plastic


  The wide open ocean is often known as the edge of the world due to its notable differences from the surrounding areas. Its southeastern coast is filled with plastic that spreads many miles into the ocean in a thick layer. Further north, the plastic disapates into sandy beaches.    


  The area notably is not influenced by the Storm Cloud which hangs over most of the known lands. Instead, the weather is variable and changes throughout the day and night. The climate is generally cooler than the toxic plains, especially at night. This is a place of extremes (in comparrison to the main setting of the Toxic Plains).  

Flora & Fauna

The area is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Underwater is filled with a rich variety of marine life including fish, sharks and possibly a kraken (but more likely an octopus). On the surface, the plastic coast is home to bacteria that are eating the plastic and slowly destroying it.   Seaguls and other birds fly in the sky.
The water was filled with odd creatures. They were like nothing that she had ever seen before. There were small colourful ones the size of her hand, large ones with sharp fins and giant teeth and a creature with a bulbous head and enormous eyes. It came closer, the creature’s eight tentacles stretched out towards her.
— Beyond the Dome


  Before the Beginning, plastic waste spread for miles into the ocean in a thick layer, drowning coastal towns in plastic. The people here were forced to leave their home and seek a life elsewhere. Some headed to the cities, in hope to find shelter there. Others fled to the deep countryside which was less affected by pollution.   Over time, creatures and bacteria evolved to live off the plastic and thrive off it.   Amelia ends up crashing at the edge of the plastic coast and falling into the water. She discovers that, although it floats on water, she is unable to control her vehicle. She spends time floating in the ocean until she eventually washes up on the Beach.  


This area has never been highly populated by humans however, it is home to a variety of marinlife who populate the Underwater ocean.   The Ancient Civilisations inhabited a number of coastal towns. The remains of these towns can sometimes be glimpsed through the Plastic Coast.

Neighbouring Geographies

South East
Toxic Plains
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Barren wastelands of decaying cities, trash piles and acid burnt tree stumps cover most of the known world.

  North East
Less Polluted Area
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