Fire Kobold

These small lizard-like creatures can be found throughout NĂ³ronar, otherwise known as the Scorched Lands. In general they are often considered to be simple minded and weak. In some instances perhaps pests to be erradicated, but dismissing them entirely has often led to disasterous consequences as they are often surprisingly crafty and cunning.   It is said that these creatures, the Fire Kobolds, were once more innocent, having a more joyful or playful disposition, but when the lands became scorched, like everything and everyone that did not escape The Razing, they changed.  

Fire Kobold Traits

  The Fire Kobold is a custom race. Their culture, history, and mannerisms are as provided on this page, however they have all the traits of the Kobold race from Volo's Guide to Monsters, in addition to the following:  


Due to its fiery nature, a Fiery Kobold can breath forth a small puff of fire as an attack in a 10ft. cone in front of them at will capable of doing 1d6 fire damage. This damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6).  

Molten Spelunker

Fire kobolds often make their home in caverns beneath NĂ³ronar, where lava and eternally burning methane vents are often encountered. As such, they are resistant to fire damage and are not required to make CON saves versus extemely hot weather. Conversely, they have becomes so accustomed to the heat that they have a vulnerability to cold damage, and have disadvantage on saves versus cold weather conditions.