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Welcome to Beren'Dor, a primal world where Magic, called Nathr, is in every plant, and runs like invisible rivers beneath its surface. Its inhabitants are tied to the land, often having some innate ability to wield nathr, often dictated by personal experience and the environment in which they spent their formative years. While there are many races, civilizations, and factions, a large part of Beren'Dor is still untamed, undiscovered, or uncivilized, a place where anyone with a strong will and a vision can etch their names in history.


Beyond the visible world of the Prime Realm, in realms unseen and most cannot access, wages a Forever War between the forces of Heaven and Hell whose impact is often reflected in the Prime Realm, with the ultimate prize being absolute control over the prime realm, and perhaps over the universe. As heroes, adventurers, ambitious empire builders, or those of noble mind and mercenary heart, what will you do?


Beren'Dor - Relentless Legacy

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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