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Callahan Fallen

"Cal," Odessa warned, but Callahan was already tucking his rapier underneath his arm, hilt forward, and setting the pitched toe of his shoe against the inner edge of the ship.

"Yes, darling?" He grasped the rail with both hands, pulling himself up to rest one knee on the top edge. Paused to watch the monster's large pupils darting around in enervation; for a brief, disjointed moment another much smaller and more humanoid shape near on the creature's unfurling limbs caught his attention. He squinted and blinked, uncertain of whether he was distinguishing meaning out of irrelevant shapes. It did look incredibly human but it was likely just another fish whose form was marred through the rippled water.

"Careful, alright?" Her words, stern as they were, drew a flashing grin from Callahan.

"Of course." He steeled himself for the dive. "Always am, aren't I?"
allahan Fallen is a cravvik pulp series written by Sven Claughden and published serially by The Reserves from 1322-1329. It was one of the most widely bought and read series in Beourjen until it was banned in 1329, however it is still sold in Armistace and Avar and remains a popular text among many circles.

The story begins with Callahan and his crew returning to Port Jzakaar for a holiday after eight months of treasure hunting around the Cravvik Isles Isles. Several days before they are due to port, they encounter a huge sea monster (a kraken) and while fighting it, Callahan rescues a strange, half-dead fishman.

The Author

Sven Claughden escaped the city of Cravv with his mentor during its desecration only for them to be kidnapped by pirates. His mentor was killed outright, while Sven was enslaved aboard the ship for almost a decade and began writing Callahan Fallen. He was later rescued by a beourjen naval merchant and found a prosperous but short-lived career as a writer living somewhere in southern Beourjen.

From here the story splits into its two narratives—Callahan returns to his lavish country estate with the fishman and several members of his crew, and his boatswain Odessa returns to her childhood home with the intention of visiting Aveaas on her father's merchant caravan. Callahan, whilst at his estate, attempts to figure out where the fishman came from with the help of his shipmate, the wizened god Berez, as well as contends with the spirits haunting his estate and a series of passionate liaisons.

Odessa, meanwhile, returns to find her family home ransacked and her family gone—implicatively murdered, and so begins a journey across the cravvik coast to find out what happened. Through this she uncovers the selkie underground that is planning a coup on the Imperium and inevitably finds herself tangled in a much bigger plot.



The eponymous hero, a 'privateer' and philanderer with, well, a spirit problem and a spirit problem.


Callahan's boatswain, who comes from cravvik gentry but gave it up for ~the seas and adventure~.


Callahan's first mate, who is also secretly a god and who Callahan is tethered to.

The Fishman

A 'fishman' who is quickly realized to be a hollowed arcanist possibly from the Imperium.
by mirescosmo


A remarkably compelling and insightful look into the late Imperium, as well as just a damn enjoyable adventure.

Wonderful. The eroticism gets me off quick, and then the actual narrative gets me right to sleep afterward.

I mean, I've only read half of it—Odessa's half. Callahan's chapters are too. . . gratuitous for my tastes.

It's a classic cravvik pulp, adventures, pirates, selkies, that whole charcuterie. Quite a fun read.

My general predisposition is that if both my sister and Lord Balassar enjoy a piece of literature, I. . . likely will not.
by mirescosmo


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This caught me and I read more of your writing. Nice work!

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Thank you! This was such a lovely surprise, and I'm so happy you liked this little article, and that you read and liked Lisbet's as well! I've actually started writing Callahan Fallen as an aside when I need a break from the seriousness of my real novel project, and it's been so fun and indulgent.

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You have a wonderful writing style. We need to get more eyes on your work!

Deleyna - I survived Summer Camp 2023! Check out my 2023 Summer Camp Reading Challenge and read some of my favorite articles from around the community. Or check out what happened with my Dimi Mission!