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The Awakened

The Awakened is the in setting name for the player characters. This whole article exists as a lore explanation. To answer why the world needs the players, and why they are so powerful. The players are legends in the making compared to the average and even exceptional person. While there are exceptional individuals that are not Awakened sometimes something more is needed. This is where the players enter, whether they are blessed or cursed is all part of their story to discover. -DM Torment
  There are those people born with something about them that sets them apart for the normal members of their species. It hasn't been decided if it is a mutation, divine intervention, curse, or just the random hand of fate. An Awakened is often discovered quickly, as children are often prone to injuring themselves. An Awakened will heal fast even able to come back from the brink of death. The Awakened break the mold of their species. Their bodies and minds capable of feats ranging from supernatural to that of a demigod. Those boons have a cost though, there is a far greater curve of aptitude in all aspects of an Awakened. While elves are often known for their lithe, slender and nimble frames an Awakened elf could be a slow brute. There are the rare few born with no flaws, at least none that show up immediately. Many worry about the mental state of the Awakened. With them being capable of great feats they are a greater threat should they choose to take up the cause of evil.   Much of the population has yet to decide on how to react to an Awakened. Most rulers view them as tolerable so long as they are convenient or support them. They are a great boon if allied to your will but if they are against you they are a dangerous threat. History is full of stories of what happens should they be underestimated. Most rulers who discover a subject of theirs is Awakened will attempt to placate or appease them. Ideally just enough to make them unlikely to act against them. While more nefarious or unscrupulous leaders will try and convert them or kill them. There are those who view them as a threat, an unknown variance in their normal lives. Jealousy and fear are often the emotions felt by those who look on an Awakened. Some believe them to be chosen by one of the gods to complete some task only known to the gods. An Awakened in the service of a deity is more likely be to viewed favorably, so long as it is an accepted deity.   The Awakened are uncommon and are often drawn to more dangerous lifestyles. Which is why the Adventurer's guild is a good place to find an Awakened, many that remain are the weaker Awakened. The more powerful leave to pursue their callings and grow their legends.

The average person compared to an Awakened

It is truly unfair to compare an Awakened to the average person. For they are in entirely different leagues. The biggest boon and curse of the Awakened is the fact they are variable. Looking at the average member of a species you can make some safe guesses about their ability. You can look at a room full of Awakened and have no idea what they are capable of for they are all different.


  An Awakened will fight as well with all their vigor as they will half a breath from death. Some even becoming more deadly as they get closer to death. They are able to shrug off mortal wounds and keep fighting. Even able to return to fighting should they be pulled back from the grasp of death bloodied but unbroken. Their ability to heal varies but is far greater than the normal citizen. In extreme examples able to fully regenerate with a night's rest. Even the slower examples they still heal impossibly fast compared to the average person. There are many a tale of botched assassination attempts on an Awakened. Often when a lethal poison was slipped into their drinks. Only for the Awakened to not even be aware they had been poisoned their bodies disregarding it. Or their body was able to fight off the poison and find the assassin too return the favor.


  For many the biggest danger of the Awakened mages is their ability to break the established rules. A non-awakened mage, even one who works their entire life to become an Archmage must prepare in advance for a spell. This includes lengthy incantations, drawn or carved arcane circles, material components, or other members for a ritual. A novice Awakened mage can cast spells with only the most simple words of power, material components and gestures. Their arcane circles forming from magical energy itself before them, allowing them to be used anywhere anytime. Should a non-awakened mage try this they will likely be ripped apart by the magical energy, become over saturated or crystalized, have the spell explode in their face, or die from exhaustion. The amount of energy both mental and physical to cast a spell like the Awakened do should not be possible to survive for a mortal. Yet, they are able to do so throughout the day. Even more vexing they are then able to regain all that spent energy within a day. Where as other mages will be fatigued or exhausted with each expenditure. All this combines to make people truly terrified of the Awakened mages, even more so than normal mages. The mage's guild established the practice requiring mages to have special permits for spells above a certain circle to deal with the Awakened.

Connection to the Arcane

  All Awakened have a stronger connection to Arcane. Even those who eschew the traditional spellcasting are capable of feats thanks to the greater density of magic in them. As a result they are more resistant to magical effects including over saturation. Going into a Crystal Garden is a death sentence to even the most hale and hearty of the average people. An Awakened, while still in great danger, can survive the expose for a considerably longer time. Though it also varies based on the Awakened.


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