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Kussar's Gate

Kussar was a druid that lived far to the north of Eis'Lasan in the valley between the Flame Peak Mountains that connect Escini and Rhyderia. History has forgotten much of the druid as he spent little time in civilized areas but he does have an important monument in his name. Kussar's Gate is formed out of the stone from where it stands it was created following when the Golden King caused the rivers of Escini to flow backward and caused them to draw in saltwater from the sea. To stop a flood and worse the saltwater from flowing into Rhyderia the druid called upon his power sacrificing himself in the process to cause mountains to rise up and out of the ground to cut off the flow of the river. It is believed that one of the gods helped Kussar raise the mountains but none claim to have aided him, the druids believe that he was aided by Prime Elementals of Earth and Water but their power was too much for his mortal body.   Shortly after the gate was raised the mages of Escini opposed to the Golden King focused on dealing with the now flood of saltwater forming at the base of the gate. They had to decide quickly how to deal with the problem and they split their solution into several parts. The first was the immediate stopgap which was opening a portal in the forming lake to dump into elsewhere in the ocean, next a group began to follow in Kussar's method creating stone walls to slow the water as much as possible but allowing some to continue to flow to make sure the water wouldn't try to go around these blocks. The third needed to create something that would give more control to the water of Escini borrowing from the ideas of the Ozari Dam they began the creation of a structure in the middle of the water that would be able to serve to drain excess water via a permanent portal opened between there and an underwater location near Escini that is guarded by arcane traps, elementals, and golems. The addition of arcane hearts from the arcana fields allows arcaneotech pumps to siphon some of the water out and in so doing remove the salt from the water. From there they used golems and earth elementals to carve out underground canals for the now freshwater to be delivered to the various lakes of Escini both to continue to support the wildlife and for the runoff of the freshwater to further dilute the incoming saltwater. The dams at the inlets of the seawater along the coast of Escini were fortified and made more permanent including large versions of decanters of endless water, like the kind Ormir uses to constantly pour fresh water into the incoming saltwater.   One result of all this effort is that Escini does not want for salt as the salt removed from the water is formed into large blocks that can be used as normal salt. There is an ongoing effort to try and fix the flow of water but thus far none have been able to do more than slow the flow of water, and the few mages throughout history capable of casting something like a wish spell fear losing their ability to cast such a spell far too much to try. A previous Tyrannus was once asked to fix it, but told the mages more or less they created the problem and should fix it.


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