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Coins and Currency


Currency is of paramount importance in Ormir, so to ensure that they always get their fair value in currency they have created a form of currency that is used by nearly every race as a common currency. Ormirian doubloons come in several shapes with an exact weight requirement as well as a mix of metals. The coins range in value from copper, silver, electrum, gold, and platinum. This contrasts with the Draz Tyran which views electrum as of near value to a platinum piece and while such trade is rare, a merchant must be aware of such a thing. Copper pieces are like a standard coin with a hole punched in the center and are the smallest size of a coin, silver is in the shape of triangles with more rounded edges, electrum is in long thin strips in rectangle shape, gold coins are hexagon-shaped, and platinum is made into a larger solid standard coin shape.   A coin always includes a sort of maker’s mark from the treasury that issued it.   Copper: Shaped like a standard coin, roughly penny-sized with a square hole missing from the center. Around the hole is an engraved laurel as the front and the country and treasury’s symbol and mark on the back.   Silver: Coins are shaped in a triangle with rounded points around the size of a quarter overall. The front of the coin has an engraved tree with swords hanging down from the boughs by the handles and the country and treasury’s symbol and mark on the back.     Gold: Coins are the largest coin roughly the size of a half-dollar in the shape of a hexagon. Engraved on the front are two dragons roaring at each other both holding a large gem. Unlike other coins on the back, there is another engraving of a dragon head, a long-standing tradition whose original meaning is lost on most some scholars believe it is in reverence of the Tyrannus.   Electrum: Long thin strips of electrum with engraved numbers showing their value, in the Draz Tyran they are instead engraved with intricate carvings depicting art of various kinds. The strips are 2 inches long and a quarter-inch wide and tall.   Platinum: Coins are in the shape of standard doubloons with the symbol of the Platinum Knight on the front and the Magistrate on the back.


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