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The equivalent to our Sunday, it serves as a day of rest and prayer in most cultures.


The equivalent to our Monday.


The equivalent to our Tuesday.


The equivalent to our Wednesday. This day has particular importance within the Draz Tyran it is known as 'Soul Day' in their most literal translation. The day is spent doing whatever it is that fulfills the person. Most practice a craft or art not normally part of their work. Others continue their work as it does fulfill them. This tradition originated from the Kobolds and became common practice by the rest of the Draz Tyran.


The equivalent to our Thursday.


The equivalent to our Friday.


  The equivalent to our Saturday.  


Gulrahdur and the Sunderer do not have holidays, not only is their worship illegal in most places the gods themselves have little interest in celebrations only death and destruction. There may be other holidays that are local ones, this calendar only highlights important ones pertaining to gods and other popular or important events.  



The Remembrance

  The holy day of the Platinum Knight is known as ‘The Remembrance’ It consists of two very different parts. During the day there are military parades and jousts to show the strength and skill of the knights.   The night is spent in remembrance of those who have fallen due to the evils of the world. In more recent history it often refers to the events of the cataclysm in which the world paid a heavy toll for their evil actions. The normally vibrant and shining knights of the Platinum Knight don darkened robes and bear torches, candles, or censers and lead a procession like a funeral in the twilight hours. It is on the 10th of Aceris.

Crucible of Selection

  The Crucible of Selection is where contestants go to a capital city of their choice and compete to earn a spot to represent that city in the Crucible of Champions. There is a spot for single duels and for a group of combatants with the runner ups forming a backup if the primary combatants cannot participate for some reason.  



  It is on the 11th of Vriigo.  

First Seeding

Lunar Tryst

  The Dreamer’s holy day is known as the ‘Lunar Tryst’ many have a problem with the celebration as it calls for a moonlit orgy often wearing masks to hide the identity of the participants. It is a celebration of passion and desires shared under the moonlight while keeping yourself masked or in secret. It is also very common for fey creatures to appear during these orgies. The date of this event tends to vary based on the group practicing the faith and can happen numerous times in a year depending on how events unfold for their followers, it is not uncommon for other celebrations to be tied into a Lunar Tryst. It is annually held on the 7th of First Seeding.  


Squall’s Dawn or Zephyr’s Rest

  The Tempest's holy day is called one of two things depending on the mood of the Tempest ‘Squall’s Dawn’ or ‘Zephyr’s Rest’. His clerics can determine which of these days will be celebrated, each is at the start when the rain seasons should begin. If it is Zephyr’s Rest than it will be a generous and calm rainy season good for crops and travel. Squall’s Dawn is celebrated in hopes to get the Tempest to change his mind as it signals a season of massive and damaging storms as the Tempest rages over a slight made against him. In either case, a large farmer’s market-style event is held in every settlement that celebrates the event in hopes to appease the Tempest with a generous sacrifice and showing how they benefited from a calm season. It is on the 1st of Cloudburst

Spring Harrowing

  The blood moon of Shalzura on this realm exposes a weakness between the material and ethereal plane and during this event, it is possible to see ghosts of beings lost in that realm in greater frequency. If you are lucky that is all that will be seen as ethereal monsters will also plague the living world under the light of the Harrowing. It is on the 21st of Cloudburst  

First Flight

Crucible of Champions

This is a day for warriors to test themselves against others, there are two types of battles that the contestants enter into, single duels or group battles against monsters, and the last two groups fight. These battles against other people are nonlethal enforced by the priests of the Champion. There is a day 3 months before the actual Crucible of Champions where contestants go to a capital city of their choice and compete to earn a spot to represent that city. There is a spot for single duels and for a group of combatants with the runner ups forming a backup if the primary combatants cannot participate for some reason. Each year the Crucible of Champions is held in a capital city determined by the priests of the Champion. This is a major event and draws crowds from all over Savorah to witness the events to see which group and city claims the greatest champions. It is on the 4th of First Flight.  


The Great Exchange

  The Architect’s holy day is one of the more secular days taking on a world’s fair-style celebration called ‘The Great Exchange’ it is a time when inventors and tinkerers come together to trade and refine ideas in the pursuit of new advancements. It is on the 7th of Oryour.  

Zephyr's Grace

Artificer's Annual

The holy day of Firaxan’Draedoren is where those who follow Firaxan’Draedoren or as some prefer to know him as, the Forgefather undertake a new test of their skills. Every year they challenge themselves to create something that fully challenges their ability and must complete it before the next Annual. The first part of the day is often spent meeting with other faithful to show off what they made and then in front of each other, they place their holy symbol on a consecrated anvil and proclaim their next challenge for all to hear, including their god himself.. It is on the 18th of Zephyr's Grace.  

High Sun

King's Light

  The Dawn King’s holy day is on the Summer Solstice. It is the day where people praise the sun by having large outdoor parties or going to beaches, having picnics with families, or some other outdoor activity. Inside large cities there tend to be parades, and overall a large celebration around every corner. It is on the 11th of High Sun.  

Skywhale's Song

The Gala

The holy day of the Virtuoso it is a day for indulging in art of all kinds, many choose to go to plays put on in great theatres or even on humble street corners. Galleries of artists both local and famous are put on in larger cities for wealthy patrons to discover new artists. It is on the 8th of Skywhale's Song.  

Wild Hunt


The holy day of Fiechnieche’Tyhuegoi when the day comes it is expected that should you have done wrong to someone that you will make restitution for what you did. If you do not you may find yourself marked for vengeance on this day. It is on the 4th of Wild Hunt.  


The Day of Dice

  Theradin has a holy day known as ‘The Day of Dice’ despite the name it is a day for playing games of all kinds, the most favored are games of chance and luck. Carnivals and other traveling shows are often attended on those days and so the wandering entertainers have made it a point to always be in a city when the date rolls around. It is on the 13th of Theras.  

Last Harvest

Hero’s Day

  The God of the Dead’s holy day is a thanksgiving equivalent and known as ‘Hero’s Day’ it is a time to celebrate the honorable dead, often in the form of venerating local heroes or heroes of legend. It is a day of telling grand stories and feasting in remembrance and thanks to those heroes who often gave everything for the world, and those important to the people celebrating. It is on the 14th of Last Harvest.  


Arcane Ascent

The holy day of Aren'Valesh while the worship of Aren'Valesh is still relatively new and there are many magically talented who do not do so there is not one of them who can deny that this day is a special one for Arcane magic. It is said to be the day that Aren'Valesh ascended to become the god of magic and in so doing radically heightened the power of magic, or rather purifying it back to where it should have been. It is seen as a new start to the year for Arcane users when the magic of the world has been refreshed once again. As such many students are inducted into magical colleges on this day.   Celebrations are often grandiose shows of magical talent and ability. Illusionists take the change to weave the most complex and interesting illusions they can manage to shock and entertain their audiences. It is on the 8th of Eredas.  

Last Leaf

Honesty's Harvest

  The holy day of the Justiciar is to remind people about the importance of laws and order, more so as winter begins to fall and some might be tempted to steal from others during the coming hardships. In many places, the guard put on a harvest festival with games and other activities. Many guards use this as a way to spot possible new recruits to the ranks of the guards. It is also a day that can see criminals put in stocks at the center of the festival grounds to be ridiculed and humiliated, or in some places, public executions can occur.

Fall Harrowing

  The blood moon of Cyndora on this realm exposes a weakness between the material and ethereal plane and during this event, it is possible to see ghosts of beings lost in that realm in greater frequency. If you are lucky that is all that will be seen as ethereal monsters will also plague the living world under the light of the Harrowing. It is on the 21st of Last Leaf.  


Bossae's Bazaar

As close to a holy day as Bossae has, this day is marked by a chilled fog creeping into the outskirts of towns and sightings of s strange old lady offering aid to those desperate and foolish enough to trust a crone on this off all days. Many believe these crones to be hags in disguise and distrust them, though some take the opportunity to bargain with the hag or beseech a curse on their enemies. It is on the 13th of Chillwind.  

Last Light

The Darkening

This day is only loosely considered a holy day as it is an important day for the damned fools who follow the Tyrant. On this day the sun all but disappears only managing to peek through the clouds like looking through prison bars. It marks when winter will grow much harsher and is considered a cursed day. It is on the 16th of Last Light.  


Warden's Vigil

The holy day of the Warden is set during winter just as the snow and ice will be picking up more and more. The Vigil is there to give people the strength to endure the winter both mentally and physically. The day is spent doing good deeds and helping others who are less fortunate or infirm to help them endure the winter. That evening communities come together to share a meal with each other in efforts to break whatever hold depression has on others due to isolation and poor weather. It is on the 1st of Frostfall.  


Bonesinger's Balad

The 'holy' day of the Blightbringer on the winter solstice is the polar opposite to the Dawn King. Those who follow the Blightbringer gather to conjure greater undead. if at all possible they try and sacrifice followers of the Dawn King on this day to earn extra favor with their god. The greatest favor is to turn one of the Dawn King's priests or champions into some form of undead, the stronger the better. It is on the 11th of Frisus.  


United Jubilee

The holy day of the Magistrate is set in winter to give the Magistrate time to hear and answer the pleas of their followers for a good growing season and the continued sense of community among their neighbors. It is a celebration of the sense of cooperation as well. How it is celebrated varies from place to place but often has games or challenges that require working together. It is on the 17th of Cyrgor.  

First Melt

Winter's Fade

The holy day of Isquarra is in celebration of the ice that traps her waters having (at least mostly) melted. The reopening of waterways for trade, fishing, or other reasons is a cause of celebration in many communities. The day is spent fishing by most who celebrate it as often the fish are quick to bite on this day, whether the grace of Isquarra or hungry from a long winter, in either case, it is a boon to those whose lives depend on the water. It is on the 21st of First Melt.  



The Firstborn’s holy day is on the first of the year by the dragon calendar, the first day of spring. This is known as the Renewal where the Keepers of the empire summon forth the echoes of those who had come before so new dragons can meet the memories of the old ones to learn from and of their elders now passed. It is on the 7th of Yanus and continues till the 1st of Aceris.


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