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This strange ore dissolves quickly in water and, when used in supernatural crafting, can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any effect imbued into an object.


Material Characteristics

The ore glows green but appears to be black at its core. It is rather hard when not subjected to water and can withstand iron and bronze tools easily, steel or better equipment is required to mine it. The ore appears to be a green glass containing some black substance inside. However when mined or crushed the ore maintains a layer of the glass coloration along the outside and always has a black substance inside of it no matter how finely powdered.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The ore does dissolve easily in water, especially when it has been powdered. After it has been dissolved it can be used by soaking it into fabric, poured into etched runes, used to quench blades, and it can be used in almost any craft to draw out the supernatural properties of the item or to vastly increase the power of an enchantment.


The most common uses of this involve dissolving it into another substance, be it water or gold, and using that as a method of transferring the material to other objects. it can be alloyed with many precious metals to produce an exceptionally powerful frame for enchantment. For best results with an alloy, precious metals are suggested.   Putting the compound into food has mixed results, none of which scholars will confirm as fact. However, the ore, when powdered, does often appear as a component in magical firearm ammunition and various elixirs, potions, and medicines.

Geology & Geography

The natural veins of the ore often appear in symmetrical shapes, truly baffling scholars of all races. The ore does appear to be sown throughout Belriadde. However the ore seems to require a precise amount of insulation from the surface of the planet for some undiscovered reason. Raw zulchite ore is never found less than 0.75km from the surface.

Origin & Source

Many undead scholars believe that the ore was left for the mortal races by the fallen titan Zul’charroc before he went mad and betrayed the Pantheon founded by his children. As many aspects of the ore are inexplicable most people accept this theory, especially as the undead have a much greater time to study such things.

Life & Expiration

Zulchite appears to be stable as long as it is not overly exposed to sunlight but seems eerily stable in the presence of moonlight. When subjected to direct sunlight on a clear day the compound loses all of its inherent attributes within an hour if it has not already been used in the creation of supernatural items. The only exception to the power decay for crafted items seems to be the various alchemical products created with it, they have a bad habit of decaying exactly 492 days after the product is finished. As soon as the clock turns over to the 493rd day the compound loses all potency and gives off the foul stench of a decaying whale.

History & Usage


As more devices have been created to take advantage of supernaturals and their inherent abilities Zulchite has become essential to a functioning society.


The material needs to be crushed or melted into an alloy before it can be used. For most uses involving metal it is melted into gold or any other decorative metal as hardness becomes a moot point once mixed.

Manufacturing & Products

Zulchite, when mixed with another material makes a spectacular framework for ehcnantments and other supernatural augmentation. However with some base materials the alloy will magnify certainsupernatural effects. Some well known occurrences of this phenomenon are the copper and silver zulchite alloys. Copper alloys are best used in supernatural objects meant to manipulate Zeno. Silver zulchite alloys, however, greatly enhance healing effects.


The metal explodes at 1500°C or when its raw or powdred form is subjected to an intense burst of heat or supernatural power.

Reusability & Recycling

If in an expired alchemical compound the ore can sometimes be salvaged from the liquid. The process, however, produces a toxic gas with an unbearably foul odor. Any other use can be salvaged with extreme care. Slip ups in imbuing or enchantment can have extraordinary side effects.



The raw and powdered form must be stored in a sealed container away from sunlight. Any sunlight that makes it to the ore will cause it to become completely inert.
The ore smells like copper and ozone when it is being processed or mined. When left alone it has no odor.
When tasted in its raw form Zulchite tastes faintly of mint. In its processed form the taste of mint is severely overpowering.
Green glass exterior, black interior.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State


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