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The Northern Tundra

Having grown up in such conditions, I often wonder why people chose to live in conditions so antithetical to life. These people are often some of the toughest, most resilient people you'll meet, never backing down from a challenge, no matter how difficult. Despite their bizarre choice in environment, there is something we can learn from the people who live here.   -Flip, The Great Book of the Land


The tundra is a land of snow with soft hills in the more southerly regions that stretches all the way to the Northern Coast. Any body of fresh water is frozen, so most use the snow and melt it to hydrate. The tundra stops short of the Western Wall.

Flora & Fauna

Any vegetation in the tundra has a short growing season and a long germination period. The animals here developed thick coats of fat to help survive the cold. Most land animals in the tundra also are mammals. The ones near the coast often try to catch fish from the ocean by standing on floating chunks of ice. Animals farther inland tend to subsist solely on vegetation.

Natural Resources

Up north, near the coast, there are plenty of fish to catch and fatty animals to hunt. Meanwhile, those farther south will generally subsist on plants with the occasional mammal. There are veins of iron that can be found in the ground, but many of them are frozen in, making extracting them difficult.
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The Wild Lands
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