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Al-Qamari Moon Rituals

A staple of the Al-Qamari calendar, the moon rituals are in fact two halves of one ritual taking place over the lunar cycle. 

  The first part of the ritual takes place at the new moon, and commemorates the absence of Al-Qamar, the moon god. The Al-Qamari believe that it is the observance of this ritual that keeps Al-Qamar coming back every year. The ritual involves a recounting of the story of Al-Qamars' first appearance in the sky and the promise he made to the Magi who saw him. It is said that he promised to welcome them into the Bodmany Desert where they would always find food and shelter for as long as they then welcome him into their lives. Following the remembrance of the promise, is the offering; food and drink is placed upon an altar for Al-Qamar, and a blessing is said over the offering to cleanse it, ready for him to consume. 

  The second part of the ritual takes place at the full moon, and is a celebration of the return of Al-Qamar to the desert. A large feast takes place, with all members of the community coming together to enjoy succulent foods, rich wines and meads, music and dancing, in honour of the promise being fulfilled for another cycle.