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The Flash

Let me guess... New to the hunt? Need a little boost to keep up with the more seasoned folk so you can stay alive? I got just the thing you need. You ever been Flashed? No man... Not talking about the thing pervs do in alleys. Talking bout the pill that can make you faster. Not just in speed either, man. In your brain too. This thing right here will give your brain a jump in processing power. Things will seem to SLOW DOWN man. Like, you will be able to figure out several different outcomes or plans of action in a split second and act on the best one even before the enemy has attacked or escaped. Now, I know what you are thinking... Thinking faster does no good if you can't move faster to match, right? HA HA This little pill will double your reaction time! You will be able to think about the attack AND make it faster than you blink! Crazy, right? Hell NO! This is Science right here! Best way to use it too, in my humble opinion.   Fancy scientists call this condition "Accelerated" cuz that is exactly what it does to you! Boosts brain power by 2! Your normal speed is doubled! This right here is crazy effective man! You will be acting like a true hunter in no time!   The Flash is the best thing out there to react fast and move even faster. Our quality can NOT be BEAT!! That is the Amun Guarantee. That's right. I believe in this so much, I put my name behind it.   Wanna try it out Man? First one is half price. Consider it part of a trial run before you subscribe. And if you are satisfied, we will be here. Rain or shine. Just make sure you bring the money with you. I don't do I owe you's.


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