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Paradise- AKA Realm of the Dragons

Jan has never seen anywhere so magnificent, so beautiful! Out of all the places she has had the good fortune to visit, the Realm of the Dragons is by far her favorite. She doesn't know what it is really called, she doesn't speak Dragon. Hell, even if she understood it, she isn't sure her mouth and throat could make those sounds. There are some things mammals just can't do. Jan thinks back to the handful of times she has been allowed to visit. Green everywhere. Varying shades, all vibrant and healthy. Her favorite thing is the scent that hits her as soon as she steps through the portal. Flowers. Not just any kind though. These only seem to grow by the rivers and streams she has seen here. White petals with little flecks or shades of purples, pinks, blues, reds and even some metallic colors. She has no idea how these wonderful flowers get their colors, but she is in love. Their scent makes her happy as soon as she catches a whiff. Maybe some kind of lily? Jan isn't sure but she appreciates them in all their glory. The trees she can climb are young. Some go straight up in the air like the redwoods do in our world. Others are twisted, branches going every-which way. Those are her favorite. Easy to climb. She knows they are young because their older cousins, siblings? reach far into the skies. Most of these are higher than she can climb, she gets too winded if she tries. And she has tried, believe me. She is pretty sure this is what Heaven is like. Peaceful, glorious and full of carefree happiness. She has made a few friends here other than just Mama, the very first Dragon she has met. Jan keeps meaning to ask oh so many questions whenever she is gone... Then they all disappear as soon as she steps into the Realm. All thoughts seem to flit away and happiness and joy just take over. All her concerns are gone. She can be carefree and play with the young Dragons, explore the wilds and attempt to make friends with the older Dragons. Most leave her be. A few are curious by the small human that has infiltrated their domain. One of her Dragon friends, a youngling she calls Dean, has practiced his flying and has taken her almost as high as one of these larger trees. Was terrifying, thrilling and wonderful all at once. He is now about five feet tall (front feet to top of his head) with a wingspan of maybe ten feet? When she met him, he was half that size. Like a large dog. He was very curious about her and has enjoyed showing off all the new skills he learns every time she visits. He is mainly green with blue along his sides and wings. Shimmery iridescent scales give him this kind of glow. She would sit and tell him stories about her adventures and how she helps in her world. He would appear to listen as if he could understand her words. Jan has never been sure if he can. Another question she needs to ask Mama. Mama is a very kind and beautiful Dragon she rescued from a zookeeper type mage in another realm. Jan likes to think they are friends now. Mama has scales that shine gold with flecks of brown and maybe silver. Depends on the light, really. She can speak to Jan telepathically and has helped her understand her own gifts. Mama has the patience of a grandmother and the heart of a Goddess. Well, Jan thinks so. Because of Mama, Jan has been able to meet and help so many Dragon kind in her own world!


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