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Monsters 101

Alright, listen up ladies and gents! The manual you are being handed is the Know-All-Be-All on all the baddies and beasties out there that want to skin you alive, eat you up, tear you limb from limb.. Ok, you get the idea. We have documented proof of every "known" paranormal entity. Yes, before you start asking silly questions; Bigfoot is real. So is Nessie. What's with the deer in the headlights look? You never heard of the Lockness Monster in Scotland before? Oh shit, they gave me a bunch of straight rookies. Sigh...   Ok, how do I break this down to your supernatural intellectual level? Think of every single damn urban legend, spooky story, myth and nightmare. THEY. ARE. ALL. REAL. Let that sink in. Yes, werewolves, vampires, mummies, the damn slenderman, zombies, witches, warlocks, ghosts of ALL kinds, shifters, mind readers, demons, etc... You name it, it is in this here book.   Monsters 101 is the introduction to everything hunters face in the fight against evil. You need to study it, live and breathe it. For this book will give you the knowledge and tools you need to kill anything we have faced before. The organization X-Net has created this very informative bestiary and have provided links to videos of these things in action and how we kill or capture them. Prepare yourselves, the videos are extremely graphic and violent. The hunter life is like that. Get used to it now while you can. There are no do-overs in this kind of life. How did X-Net get all this info, you ask? Well they are an underground network that believes the truth must be put out there for us all to survive. They specialize in computers, internet, hacking, videos, and putting all that to good use in finding baddies out on the prowl or in fights. They are super smart- ahem, I did NOT just say that out loud. Anyways. They gather all the data they can to compile useful information for the rest of the hunters out there to put to good use. Creating this book has saved countless lives. They better we are able to understand the enemy, the more effective we are in hunting them and protecting helpless civilians.


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