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Fear Reaper

You ever wake up from a nightmare and felt like you weren't alone? Like someone was watching you? More than likely that feeling was not just in your head. I hate to break the bad news, but many nightmares come from a creature called the Fear Reaper. Apparently witches, mages, warlocks, whatever... can project their consciousness or spirit out there. Some of these spell caster types have altered their spirit to allow them to siphon off of others life force, energy and emotions. Kind of like vampires do just harder to detect. I tell you humans can be super scary. Some of the worst predators out there if you get my meaning. Well the ones called Fear Reapers will infiltrate a person's dreams or nightmares. If you are already in a nightmare, they just start to absorb the fear you feel. If they are more advanced, they can turn your dreams INTO nightmares to produce fear. This fear will somehow sustain them and even prolong their life. If the fear is great enough it will make them stronger and more vicious. Spirits are hard enough to see as it is. These suck even more because they attack when you sleep. Unless you have some kind of apparition detection system, you won't even know one is there. Most people don't trust that weird feeling when they first wake up. The asshole mages bank on that. They just want you to believe the odd feeling is residual from the nightmare instead of sensing an attack. We have a damn hard time trying to link the attack to a specific mage too. Only one person so far, has seen the connections between the victim and the assailant. She is gifted with magical sight though. Scientists are working on cameras and sensors that can help us see and track these things. Sigh. So far, only those with magic have been able to hunt these Fear Reapers effectively. I can't wait till to beta test the first camera or sight. I got a bone to pick with one of these bastards.


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