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Demon Blade

You already know there are Imps, Demons, Hell hounds and the Devil. You probably believe that nothing can kill the denizens of Hell, right? Wrong! The Vatican has held on to an artifact that can kill Demons! Rumored to even be able to harm the Devil himself, if you believe that sorta thing. This so-called Demon Blade was carved from the bones of a slain Celestial Being. No record of what kind of entity this was, however. The knife is really a bone dagger. Completely carved out with leather wrapped around the hilt. It is said to have runes or celestial markings near the flat part of the blade. The serrated part of the knife is so sharp it can cut through silk. Hunters have dreamed of something that can give them an edge against powerful baddies such as these. I don't know why the Vatican would hide such amazing weapons. If it can actually Kill a Demon, why not get it into the hands of those who fight them? Is that too much to ask?   The church has their own group of hunters. Don't fall for the misdirections. They do. Nuns and Priests who fight evil baddies in the name of the Lord. That's cool and all. It really is. But come on! What about those of us in the trenches and back alleys that always get our hands bloody? What about us? Alright, alright... It isn't like they are gonna kill an Angel to make more. I get it. Limited resource and all that. I did run into a woman who had one though. She kept it hidden but used it to kill a deal making demon wrecking havoc in MY town. I was fortunate enough to witness this. She saved my kid from a bad deal he made. Honestly didn't believe actual Demons existed until my kid made that deal and she came into town to put a stop to it.


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