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Day of Omens

The Ritemasters warned us. We tried to help. We really did. There was nothing we could do to stop the sudden shift that occurred. We are one with nature. We are one with the spirit realm. We tread that line and ensure the balance is kept at all costs. We are the Lost Ones. The keepers of the veil. We stop humans, mages, vampires, spirits, etc... from crossing over into the realm they do not belong. Humans have no clue the havoc they wreck when they use magics or technology to cross the veil. There is a natural order to worlds that many will never understand.   Where powerful spirits gathered, so did ravens and deer in the forests and meadows. In cities, it seems that those in altered states would be drawn there. Violence started to become "normal" in those areas. Moods shifted all across the physical land. The Ritemasters investigated and found that the great spirits of Anger, Depression and Fear have grown stronger. Hope and Love have dwindled and we still do not know why. Something has sapped the energy out of these ancient spirits and have left them weak. We still do not know what has done this evil deed. It was NOT anything in nature, of that I can assure you. We will tirelessly run down this new enemy. The physical world and the spirit world have suffered greatly due to this new disease, this draining. Evil spirits are becoming stronger as they do not have Hope and Love to keep them in check. Illness, violence, hatred and fear have become overwhelming in the physical realm as a result. The Lost Ones are no longer enough to keep the delicate balance. We need assistance. Asking for help is NOT the nature of strong willed Werewolves. Our Ritemasters tell us we all must change if we want to survive and overcome this new threat.


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