Declaration of the Crystal Convenant Concord

The Crystal Convenant Concord was the founding of the Crystal Mages and announcement for what they stood for and against. This Declearation was found fixed to every major Guild and Noble Houses Manor main entrance on last night of the The Days of the Sister, where there had been reduce security as everyone wanted to be involved in the festival.  
We the Mages of the Crystal Convenant give fair warning to all that we will no long stand for abusives of mages, slavery or mistreatment. We refuse to be blamed for the damage centuries ago by Mages under orders of you the Nobles and the Guilds, We are not your scapegoats for the pain the city suffer during that time. Until such time as we are given our liberties back we refuse to be involved in new Mist Passages and gates, we will resist all attempts to force us to work against our will ......
— The start of the Declaration, found in 1875
  This was the start of a long and draw out passive resistance of Mages the convenant didn't speak for all mages to start with but over time more and more of them joined and the Nobles and Guilds realised they were going to loose the war that was not a war, and turned to what they knew violence. They attempted to remove the head of the snake as they saw it and kill the leaders of the Conveanant but taking mages by suprise is almost impossible and the mages fought back and quickly the situation withint he city change, as the Crystal Tower appeared in the Centre of the city and House Ursael lands were forfeitted for leading the charge against the mages. The rest is history the mages brought peace to the city and in the end democracy via the Senate.
Decree, Governmental


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