The Endless Eclipse

The Endless Eclipse are a gang of smugglers on the fringes of the Urugal. They traffic in contraband, weapons, and narcotics. They are motivated by greed and hunger for power, and have a reputation for viciously guarding their territory.   They were founded on Arrasada during the Vasor's invasion to smuggle weapons on world to fight off the aggressors. After the war, they continued smuggling weapons and expanded into other illicit activities. While their methods are frowned upon on their home world, membership is still scene by many as a way to escape the devastation of their planet.   Many on Arrasada talk about the Endless Eclipse and a nascent band of warlords who seek to control as much territory as they can, but the Clips themselves have not tried to actually taken control of any regions government. That is not to say that they don't have any politicians under their sway, but the requirements on members to act in the name of the organization at a moment's notice doesn't allow for members to be employed by anyone other organization.   The Endless Eclipse are not as focused on power and territory as they are often perceived. Their main drive is for wealth and prestige in the communities they have established themselves. They see themselves, whether true in practice or not, is as freedom fighters who support the liberation of the downtrodden of the galaxy.   While their origin is not disputed, within a generation of their founding, the Clips started dealing various narcotics to expand their financial base and to lock in control over their regions of power. Their leadership is renown for their lavish lifestyles, ruthlessness, and belief that they cannot touched by the law.

We do as we will in the dark.

Founding Date
1598 AN
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
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