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6. Upper Hall


Unlit oil lamps are mounted on the walls of this elegant hall. Hanging above the mantlepiece is a wood framed portrait of a family: A man and a woman with their two smiling children, which the players can identify as Rose and Thorn. Cradled in the father's arms is a swaddled baby, which the mother regards with a hint of scorn. Underneath the painting is a plaque that say "The Durst Family"


There are three doors, two to the north and one to the south. There is a staircase that leads back down to the Main Hall and continues going upward.

Sensory & Appearance

A cold draft can be felt coming down the steps. The northeastern door (closest to the stairs), a player can smell blood and hear a woman crying inside.

Contents & Furnishings

Standing suits of armor flank the wooden doors in the north and south walls. Each suit of armor clutches a spear and has a visored helm shaped like a wolf's head. The doors are carved with dancing youths, though inspecting them with a DC12 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals that the youths aren't really dancing but fighting off swarms of bats.
Room, Common, Hall
Parent Location

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