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10. Conservatory

Sensory & Appearance

Gossamer drapes cover the windows of this elegantly appointed hall, which has a brass-played chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Upholstered chairs line the walls, and the stained glass wall hangings depict beautiful men, women, and children singing and playing instruments.


A PC that searches this room can find a small dog hiding under an armchair. A tag on his leash identifies him as Lancelot, owned by Gertruda. As Mad Mary lost herself to grief, Lancelot left his house in order to search for Getruda. He wandered into Death House, and was trapped in the conservatory when the house shut the door behind him. He is rail-thin and starving, and terrified of any character that approaches him. He can be coaxed out from his hiding spot, however, with a DC 10 Animal Handling check, with advantage if offered food.   The cult of Death House considers Lancelot an acceptable sacrifice if killed on the altar.

Contents & Furnishings

A harpsichord with a bench rests in the southwest corner. Near the fireplace is a large standing harp. Alabaster figurines of well-dressed dancers adorn the mantelpiece. Close inspection of them reveals that several of the carvings are of well-dressed skeletons.

Special Properties

If a PC plays the “Song of Elizabeth” found on the desk in the library on the harpsichord in this chamber, the conservatory fills with ghosts that dance about the room to the tune of the melody. The ghosts take no notice of the characters, save for two: Gustav and Elizabeth Durst, who stand beside the fireplace, staring at the PCs. When noticed, the harpsichord’s strings are cut, the ghosts vanish, and a grinding sound can be heard from above, signalling the opening of the secret passage in the attic.   If the PCs exit the room without playing the harpsichord, the sound of “Song of Elizabeth” can be heard faintly through the doors until the room is re-entered
Room, Common, Conservatory
Parent Location
Connected Rooms

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