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8. Library

Red velvet drapes cover the windows of this room. An exquisite mahogany desk and a matching high-back chair face the entrance and the fireplace, above which hangs a framed picture of a windmill perched atop a rocky crag. Situated in corners of the room are two overstuļ¬€ed chairs. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves line the east wall. A rolling wooden ladder allows one to more easily reach the high shelves.

Contents & Furnishings

The desk has several items resting atop it: an oil lamp, a jar of ink, a quill pen, a tinderbox, and a letter kit containing a red wax candle, 4 blank sheets of parchment and a wooden seal bearing the insignia of a windmill. Also on the desk is a tattered piece of sheet music titled
Song for Elizabeth
. Next to that is a hastily written note, slightly burnt that reads:
Bulwarton's words can open the way
The desk drawer is empty except for an iron key.
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(Key opens path to 20. Children's Room)

  Bookshelves hold hundreds of tomes covering a range of topics including history, warfare and alchemy. There are several first edition books of poetry and fiction.
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If they are removed from the house, they rot and fall apart
On top of one bookshelf is a collection of rocks, each one labeled with a scientific name. There are also some receipts left in one of the shelves for candles, daggers and incense


The bookshelf in the northeast corner hides a pathway to a secret room. Anyone inspecting the bookcase needs a successful DC 13 Wisdom (Perception) check to notice a fake red book which opens the pathway to the Secret Room
Room, Education, Library
Parent Location
Connected Rooms

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