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The Nerui Contraption

Prompt 2 of WA SummerCamp2020: Describe a valuable historical or ancient artifact in your world.
-"What do you mean by dog is not a Corenian word"

-"I'm telling you, the Coren Core didn't have any dogs, sometimes things got lost or distributed at random."

They both got quiet as the teacher pulled a chest, containing a staff that ended in two padded ends, one bigger and one smaller.

-"The Conservatorium has been kind enough to give us an opportunity to see the Nerui Contraption in action. Anyone has any words they'd like to try?" - He said in that 'cool guy' demeanor every student hated.

-"Mr.P, could you check if you can get dog as a result from Ancient Corenian?" - Eizan asked.

-"No problem Eizan, this will be a breeze." - He started to wiggle the staff around only for a member of the Conservatorium to pull it from his hands and face the impressive artifact. They took a deep breath before swinging the staff masterfully, going from the interpretations of the Eastern Inud Core to the guttural vocals of the Ceren Core. Each of the lenses lighted up in an almost rythmic sequence, until the proper words had been chosen.

The room went silent as the letter combined in the middle to form a single chain of characters. One second passed. Two seconds passed. And, as if the first pulse of the morning was summoned again, a wave of sound filled the space, preaching a single word in a clear, but friendly voice:

"Regol" ... "Regol"

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Nerui translation device functions around a single metal sphere that has a number of crystal lenses connected to each other by carved rails, all around the biggest lense located in the middle. Each of the medium lenses is then connected to other smaller spheres that contain similar lenses, showcasing the letters of each of the Splinters languages from the Core Period. Once hit, the smallest lenses will combine in their middle lense, which will send the result to the main sphere. Once the device stops receiving signals, the middle sphere will combine its medium lenses into the main lens, revealing the end letter, sound, or word. This is then pronounced by a set of speakers located in the inferior half of the main sphere.

For instance, if someone would hit the letter correspondent to the {p} sound for each language, these would go into the main sphere and then it would combine them into the unified Barenaenian letter for the {p} sound. The lenses have to be hit in rapid succession but gently, in order to not damage them, which has led some academics to develop singular techniques to showcase the functions of the artifact.

Manufacturing process

Before getting to the construction of the machine, it was necessary that the Inudean gods completely understood each of the languages and the way they could be fused. Both siblings spent a couple of years going through each of the Splinters gathering the required information and devising the algorithm to collapse all the information. Thus, the Nerui Contraption is regarded as one of the first really relevant creations of Composed Arcanology.

The manufacturing process wasn't extremely complex.As indicated above, the Storm Writer and the Rune Rider requested the aid of other Ailan on the construction of the machine. These prepared the materials and shaped the pieces around the design made by the Rune Rider. Once finished, the Storm Writer infused the machine with the required magic and the program to keep it running and function properly.


This object not only defined the end of the Core Period alongside the Ndaran Contraption, it lead to the creation of a unified alphabet and language used by people all around Barenae.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Only one Nerui has been constructed by the Storm Writer and Rune Rider.
1200 kg
2m (Width) X 5m (Height) X 1.5m (Depth)
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Both the lenses and the spheres are composed of materials that can be correlated to those of the Ndaran Contraption, but their nature hasn't been revealed by the Redeemer Siblings. In reality, these are made from a high melting point metal and compound (called Ncolite and Nqarpli), only attainable through the work of a Fire-related Ailan, whose identity is unknown.


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