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Now that I'm taller I can see over the wall, a guide for growing up

Prompt 10 of WA SummerCamp 2020: Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for?
  • Gargo! Can you come down for a moment?

  • - Sure thing, Mom!
    The stairs shook under the strong steps of his claws. He crossed the kitchen to see his parents sitting on the couch, silently. He felt wary, as if something bad was going to happen.
    -What's up?- Gargo asked.
    - Could you take a seat for a second?
    Gargo looked behind him to make sure he didn't fall on the ground trying to sit on their yellow armchair. He'd always been pretty observant, so he had already noticed his father had something behind his back. It was clear he was sitting uncomfortably.
    -You remember that story I always tell you about the day you were born- his father said with a half-smile -.You gave your mom a hard time, you did we...
    - I weighed... was it 9 kg 350 g?-Gargo interrupted.
    - Yes, and it wasn't easy building a cradle that wouldn't cave in after three days either- his mom gave him an energic nudge on his head -.Now, we know that you're growing and your scales are turning into this beautiful ivory color and that summer's ending and you'll be going to high school next year, and I'm sure you're very happy to see your friends again, but you might also be scared.
    Gargo felt some uneasiness down in his chest. He was scared, he'd been hoping to talk to someone about his concerns and the things he had been feeling lately, but all his buddies had gone on vacations and he hadn't thought his parents would understand.
    - Yes?
    - You don't have to feel weird, it's only natural. That's why we wanted to give you something. Nana gifted it to me when I was around your age, granted it was brand new, but it's still in one piece.
    His father reached for a book behind his back and put it into his hands. The cover depicted a group of children talking to each other while sitting on some swings, while one of them looked into the distance.
    -"Now that I'm taller I can see over the wall, a guide for growing up, by Dr.Anils Malespqae". I suppose they couldn't think of a shorter title- all three of them cracked a smile.
    - You think we can take a look together?- his mother asked.
    - I'd love to.


    The purpose of this book is to introduce children to the things that may happen to them as they grow. Not only how their bodies may change depending on their race or how their understanding of the world might evolve but, more importantly, it's a first contact of the child with magic and how to understand it before they start learning about it in school, in order to set limitations from an early age, but also inspire their creativity.

    Document Structure


    The book is separated into various, that follow the adventures of a ragtag group of children from different Splinters as they explore themselves and the meaning of growth. Its contents are divided into four sections:

  • What's with my body? This part delves into the physical changes related to coming of age and becoming a teen for most of the civilized races of Barenae, be it human hormone development, the growing of wings in Birdfolk, the dimorphism of Ehyaki, etc.

  • Finding your place: The second chapter explores the social structures that shape a person's life in their adolescence: how their hobbies and ideals will lead them to a group of people they'll enjoy spending time with. Also lightly touches in matters of love, expanding the exploration of sexuality laid out in the first chapter.

  • The wonders of Magic: This section covers the way Barenae's people currently understand magic in a simple way and how they can control it. It is written in a cautionary tone, but it's also meant to inspire the reader to find their own way of harnessing magic.

  • Truths and Prayers: Where the characters read some letters left by other children on more obscure or harsh topics, such as the passing away of older relatives, the consumption of drugs, the tougher parts of living in Barenae or parting ways with friends, that constitute important topics for parents to talk about with their children.
  • Publication Status

    The document is freely available at most libraries and bookshops around the Inner Sections, mainly the Civil faces and their most immediate neighbors.

    Historical Details


    As culture and political stability had been slowly reestablished, it became necessary to worry more about the development and growth of the new generations of Barenae. A relatively recent wave of many mental health experts and pediatricians appeared and attempted to explore this field from the early 3000s. As this discipline has progressed more and more comprehensive and accurate ways of portraying coming of age have been designed, the process led to the writing of this book by Dr.Anils Malespqae, author of many children's books, who got approached by the Coalition to design a more general guide that covered most of the different races with variable growth patterns.

    Public Reaction

    The immediate reception of most parents in the Inner Sections was overwhelmingly positive, as the sales kept up and the author got greatly recognized by her labor. Even 30 years after its release, the new generation that's being taught by those who first received the contest of this book still gets an accurate portrayal of the world.
    Guide, Generic
    Authoring Date
    3124 D.R


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