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Ailan Abstraction Procedures

Prompt 26 of WA SummerCamp2020: Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today?
The metal shone with unprecedented fervor as if it itself was Light. Lidy had always kept the trinket since she was a child, when the spirit of the cave gave it to her, to protect her from the darkness she feared so much. She wasn't that child anymore, but she was still fascinated by the little rock. Her whole career had been dedicated to the idea of replicating it, of finding out how it was made.
With little to no success, her footsteps had taken her back to that same cave. She traversed the dark corridors, with the trinket close to her chest, until she saw the same light, answering from the end of a tunnel. Carefully, she came close, to peek around the corner.
What was before her eyes was the same spirit, but much older, performing a ritual, as the tip of its fingers dissolved into dust, swirled and coalesced on the center of its form, creating a small star, spinning next to other rock lights, around the chamber in perfect symphony, as the eyes of the creatures possessed a nostalgic expression.
She knew, that all her will to look beyond, to fly, to seek the light, was because of the star around her neck. Because an Ailan of the Stars.
Clouds of Rage, coins of Greed, scales of Justice. Wherever an unusual sentiment would manifest on those around it, it's highly likely that the essence of an Ailan has been poured into the Material realm. This complex process allows the master to create objects capable of being an extension of an Idea, a beacon for its components, and a source of influence for those around it.


The process copies and concentrates what makes an Ailan powerful. As the essence is extracted and the material part is composed, an object can then be forged. This object channels the basic parts of the Ailan, their composing Ideas, is a conduit for them. It's a great source of influence for the Ideas the Ailan represents, changing the environment and the people around them, shifting reality slightly towards the nature the Ailan envisions.

Since it's always a purposeful action, an Ailan's essence is never misused, but it's often used for evil or for the Ailan's own interest. That's why the coins minted by Ilfarr, made out of the three Scions' essence, was part of Greed itself, turning any who possessed it into lifeless husks, only focused on mining and looking for treasure, with the fake promise that it would be theirs if they found it.


Although the first result registered in Barenae of the use of this technique is attributed to Ilfarr the False, it's likely this process was created by a pure Idea, a Nivel. Which Nivel is the author has been a subject of discussion between theologists all over the Plane, who come out in support of various entities, from Life to various levels under Progress. However this may function, it's clear that the use of this technique transcends the existence of Barenae and can be seen all across many other planes where the existence of Ailans is known and observed.
The Scions of Greed, having recently obtained dominion over the weakened and decimated inhabitants of the original Barenae planet, started to perform excavations of the surface. However, the workers proved feeble, rebellious, and generally unfit for being directed and utilized in the search for the artifact Greed sought to reclaim.  
Ilfarr, ever scheming, figured out that nothing would get the people better in the mood than setting an example. But a simple execution wouldn't suffice. They were made out of the essence of Evil, after all, he looked for something far more painful. He took parts of him and his siblings and slowly distilled them, until creating an unholy material, metallic in nature, an extension of Greed. This was the first time the essence of an Ailan itself took form.  
A drop to take your skin, for it's bland and can be easily pierced and torn.
A drop to take your soul, for it's elusive and can be easily taken by those who'd save you.
A drop to take your mind, for it's treacherous and no other thought other than servitude should ever cross it.

Access & Availability
As only an Ailan can access their own seeds, this procedure is only reserved for these kinds of beings, normally for Major Ailans, which are found in Barenae in great numbers but do have a tendency to hide from the populace to not interfere with The Redeemers.
The abstraction of an Ailan requires the complete collaboration from said Ailan, since they are the only ones capable of completing the process correctly. Once completed, the essence itself manifests in many states and shapes, which means that the components required to mold and give shape to it differ from Ailan to Ailan, although they always have to be of extremely high quality and prepared through special rituals to interact with Ideas directly. 


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