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  Baephios is home to four vastly different and diverse nations.   There is the Vridium Empire a place known for order and religion.
There is the Noclon Confederation known for oppertunity and freedom.
The Vaera Kingdom is land best known for their wealth from magic item enchantment and magical landscapes.
And then there is Zochakha a nation of monsters races that have formed an agreement with the other nations to mostly keep to themselves and not raid them.
  Baephios is very much a land full of whimsical and random magical fun. There are magical floating islands in the Vaera Kingdom. Myths and legends as old as time. And for Baephios those childhood stories always end up being true. There are forgotten gods and loads of monsters to slay. Baephios is the most wild and free continent of the lot. While places like Nineveh and Novakuzran are dangerous due to frightful means, Baephios is a more lighthearted style of dangerous. Many aspiring youngsters grow up to be adventurers and work for a guild. Making coin and going on an epic journey of exploration and adventure.   Baephios is also home to Bahamut "The King". In the very center of this continent lies the famous tourist location Fable Falls. While it is an invite only location where all the food and drink are free it is closely guarded by the metallic dragons who serve under Bahamut. Bahamut has claimed this land to be a holy land where anyone to disobey the rules will pay. The Lesser gods also like to play around a lot in Baephios. While the Elder gods have their hands full with Nineveh and Aramelgo, the Lesser gods and Dieties have their work cut out for them on Baephios.   Baephios may be a fun time for those with drive and ambition, but it takes a heavy toll on your everyday commoner worker. Due to the high volume and the high success rate of adventurers the need for common workers is diminishing. While it is true that very few individuals actually have the grit to really become a professional adventurer low ranking ones still make more than your average Joe. Barmaids and farmers are essential to survival yet there is less and less of them by the day. In Baephios magic is very common. Everyday magic like Presditigitation and Gust are used either by the person or easily enchanted wands or home appliances. There is a big rage over pots and pans that heat themselves.   The nations of Baephios just went under a change in leadership in all nations. This seemed to be purley coincidental. The Vridium Empire changed hands to the next in line of the Rigby family, King Jonathan Rigby VIII. Vaera Kingdom had selected a new leader with Wise Master Siora Virien. The Noclon Confederation had a death to their current main speaker of the council so his son took over Dante Burrowson. Even a change of power in Zochakha happened at the same time with Queen Bonku "The Wild" dethroning the leader there. No one knows how or why this all seemed to happen the same day. Some suspect foul play was involved. Some even suggesting that the nations all secretly work together to boost their financial status of their wealth. No one knows for certain, but what they do know is that with fresh young faces leading the nations rules and laws are bound to be changed.   Not long after the new faces of the nations came to power. Bahamut went missing. He has been missing for a total of 257 days and no one, not even the friendly metallic dragons know why or where he is. Bahamut himself said he would not leave the continent of Baephios as his sister Tiamat "Queen of Chaos" is sealed away in the Vridium Empire territories and that one day she might be set free. Almost all the nations worship Bahamut as one of their gods and this has been quite the task for many to search for. Hundreds of freelancers and adventurers have taken off to try and find the "Lost Dragon King."


Baephios is located in the North Western area of the planet of Baltharos and with that comes a slightly altered geography. The coastlines are long and full of beaches. The mountain range spans the majority of the center of the land mass. Off the coast of the Noclon Confederation is the Stokeshire Archipelago. The Northern bits of Baephios did have natural snow and ice features, but due to the curse set upon it by the gods is now in a forever winter and slowly inching its way to the borders of the Vridium Empire to complete its course. Hilly grasslands are the most common wilderness feature on Baephios with Mountains coming in on a close second. The entirety of Zochakha are full of swamps and jungle. There is a giant river that cuts through the Confederation bringing fish and fortune to those settled along that river. And the Vaera Kingdom has magically floating islands that is considered the most dangerous place on Baephios.


Towards the northern end of Baephios you will find plains of frozen solid ice. The ground and grass have turned to nothing more than snow if you are lucky. The mountains themselves have frozen over so much that a thick layer of ice is needed to break through before reaching the actual stone. All the plant life is mostly dead except for some trees. All the wildlife had to evolve and adjust to the sudden forever winter now storming there. Large pelts on all the goats and animals. Fishing is very popular. Moving down south you will find the temperatures start to get significantly better as the large mountian range here rarely sees snow even at the very tops during winter time. Some believe this to be the work of Bahamut. There are forests with large numbers of deer and rabbits small little critters and animals in Baephios. Baephios has about a 10 to 1 ratio in terms of wildlife to civilization. This continent is loaded with wild boar, sheep, cattle and of course monsters.

Ecosystem Cycles

Baephios does experience Fall, Spring and Summer, but it seems that after the curse all the winter days now goes directly to the far north.

Localized Phenomena

There are rumors and childhood stories always flooding the youthful minds of the Baephios youth. Most turn out to be true like lake monsters or big nasty beasts in the woods. However, there are still multiple sets of stories that everyone still thinks as of nothing more than a story. These are the The Monarchs of Baephios. These stories of individuals gaining the closest powers of godhood before actually acending to it are very bold and far off myth. If you seriously talk about such a thing you are seen like an adult that still believes in santa with all their heart. The Monarchs of Baephios has even spread to the other continents and has a short children storybook series in Aramelgo.


Baephios was created mainly by Mardros, goddess of Nature and her children, Lalios goddess of natural disasters and Fasteus god of the Hunt and Harvest. With the aid of Bothos, god of the Stars and Ylphine Deity of Textiles and Fashion. The continent was brought into existance. Populating first with the elves, then dwarves then humans. From there the population boomed like no other. The monsters stood no chance versus the ambition of the newly born mortals. Powerful in strength and in magic these first to walk Baephios are sometimes what people think of when they tell the stories of the Monarchs. The continent at first was only 3 nations. The Empire the Kingdom and Zochakha. But not too long ago a bunch of rich merchants and nobles broke off of the Empire and formed the Noclon Confederation. While there is a bit of bad blood between the nations an agreement was made and to everyones surprise the Confederation flurished.


Baephios is by far the most popular travel continent in all of Baltharos. The Noclon Confederation and the Vaera Kingdom are incredibly welcoming to tourists for their work & coin.
Alternative Name(s)
The Land of Magic
Included Organizations

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