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Setting the Scene of Azria

Rules of the World

What are the fundamental differences in the natural laws of your world compared to Earth?

1. There is magic.
2. The magic is the energy generated by your dreams and repleshined during your sleep. It can be harnessed during your waking hours.
3. Magic is expressed differently based on your genetic predispositions, gender and species.

Anvil Advice:
Does your world have magic or altered gravity, midichlorians or psionics? Starting with your world’s natural laws is very important, as they can have fundamental repercussions on everything in your world! Get them sorted now and they’ll create fascinating interactions! Forget, and they’ll create holes in your worldbuilding! And make sure you sense-check with your previous answers - if your genre is hard sci-fi, you might not want to introduce magic, for example.


How did this world come to be?

Nobody knows, but the dominant religion, The Children of the Suns, believes that the world is the child of the twin suns, La and Tho.

Just one paragraph on this - don't go full Silmarillion!



What does the geography of your world look like?

The Old-World lands are filled with jagged dead coral reefs, titanic petrified skeletons of sea creatures. It's covered with sand and dark silt. The trees of the continent look more like evolved sea-weed than the trees that you know.

This should be a generic vision of the geography to set the feel.

Does your Geography have any special properties or features?

Because of the binary star system, once a week or so one sun eclipses the other. This has varied cultural and religious significance across the planet, but it leads to the day dimming for around 20 minutes or so as the light on one sun is blocked by the other.


Initial size of building (you can always expand later!)

What is the initial size of your active campaign setting?

Because of the Exploration theme of the campaign, I'll start by describing the west of the one continent which is the Known World. The Eastern edges of the New World will also be explored.


People and their History

Who used to live in your active campaign space, and what’s their history?

- In the New World there was an advanced empire of dino-folk (like lizard folk but cooler) who were wiped out when a giant metoer hit the planet. They left behind a massive array of ancient cities, temples, objects of power, and all the trappings of a lost civilization.

  • The old world USED to be underwater until the meteor hit! The land is littered with the bones of gargantuan dead sea creatures, abandoned merfolk cities and calcified coral forests.

  • Which species/cultures live here now and what’s their history?

    The old world is peopled by 5 human empires living, until recently at least, in relative peace. A kingdom of dragon-riding dwarves dominates the northern mountain ranges. The western wildlands are inhabited by the nomadic orc-clans of Torg-'Xhai.
    The New world is inhabited by the ancestors of the only creatures to survive the catastrophe, an ascending empire of sentient rat-folk who believe that the sun is a two-headed snake which requires sacrifices. There are also the vestiges of the lizard folk.

    What do they need, and what do they need from each other?

    The human nations of the old world are hungry for power, terriotry and resources, as the Old World continent is becoming overpopulated.
    The Orc trivbes are trying desparately to maintain their terriftoris from human encroachment, as the human empires repeatedly try to seize their lands for agriculture.
    The dwarves have an ancient pact with the orcs and are honour-bound to help them against the encroaching human nations.

    For each group (culture or race) in your active campaign area, limit your answer to one paragraph, and remember to include one sentence on their opinion of "others". For each group not in your active campiagn area, limit your answer to one sentnce.


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