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Ethical Matchmaking


This document was created to instill core values of the Guild of Matchmakers within all apprentices, and to remind all matchmakers, regardless of experience, about what should guide their actions.

Document Structure

Publication Status

A copy is given to all apprentices who desire to become matchmakers, and can be provided to any licensed matchmaker upon request.

Historical Details


Queen Olabisi temporarily stopped all matchmakers in Nairiume from conducting business in the 290s due to repeated complaints from people who had been defrauded by others claiming to be matchmakers. In order for the legitimate Asir matchmakers to do business, the queen required they determine how they could regulate their own trade. This led to the creation of the Guild of Matchmakers, and this guide was put into use to provide the proper information about the trade to matchmakers within it.

Manual, Magical / Occult
Authoring Date
296 TE
Ratification Date
297 TE

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9 Jan, 2023 22:47

There is so much to like about the way you've thought this process out. Really well done!

Deleyna - Check out my latest work at The Spaceport to see what happens when an alien walks into a bar...
10 Jan, 2023 01:14

Thank you!

15 Jan, 2023 00:23

Quite mysterious. The matchmaker gooes into the mist to find someone suitable? And th souldd bonding is intriguing.