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To most people in Ayrith, Durasyan is the god of love and intimacy. To others, he is the god of sexuality in general, without regard for love or emotion. In some places he is also a fertility god, and in other places other gods fill this role. Durasyan is his most common name, but in some places he is known by other names and other genders. In Nairiume, Durasyan is often paired with his female dual form, Danya, and intimate depictions of them is considered to symbolize self-love and self-pleasure.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The most common symbols representing Durasyan are a rose, or two roses arranged to form the shape of a heart.

Tenets of Faith

It is believed that Durasyan is the reason why people feel love, including love that is not romantic. From family bonds to friendship to romantic attachment, Durasyan is the cause. Praying to him can bring lovers together and help keep relationships of all kinds strong and healthy, and it can also cause unhealthy relationships to end so that healthier ones may form.


Most followers celebrate Durasyan's Day during the cold darkness of winter as a way to bring people together. Celebrations range from prayers and small gifts given to loved ones, to large feasts in the god's honor. Many also choose to engage in sexual activities with romantic partners - or anyone they choose - when celebrating the holiday. These activities may also involve groups of followers, especially among devotees studying at temples dedicated to Durasyan. Still others celebrate by engaging in such activities alone while using substatnces that cause them to believe they are with the god himself.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Durasyan's goal as a god is to spread love and unity throughout Ayrith in the hopes that it will end war and violence in favor of peace and companionship.

Divine Classification

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