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A subset of humans who originate from the frozen north, the Haathun are noticeably different from their cousins. Larger and bulkier in size, they are often referred to as 'Bear Men'.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Rhona, Ingrid, Hilda

Masculine names

Olagg, Botulf, Lodin

Family names

Erlendgar, Alfender, Harrfenson, Daelgur


Major language groups and dialects

An offshoot of Common known as Haathic is their language, sounding a bit more gruff and guttural. If spoken slowly it can be deciphered using an advanced knowledge of Common, but otherwise is its own dialect.

Common Dress code

Heavy furs are common wear and easily obtainable considering the thick pelts of the creatures in their homeland. More mystical positions such as soothsayers, shaman, or druids will often wear hats made from the animals they commune with such as a wolf or bear head.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

A common greeting for the Hathuun are to reach across and grasp one another's forearm. This can be modified by either giving a playful tug, shaking the arm up and down, or bowing one's head, quickly, in reverie. These are all underlying ways to appreciate the strength of another.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a child is born it is customary to hold the babe up and exclaim their name in a warshout like calling. This is done as a way to honor the birthright and future of the child, as well as to make their name known to the Gods.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead are burned in a funerary service, often surrounded by friends and family. The closest to the deceased usually bears the torch, but it is acceptable for a religious figure like a shaman to do the honors. They are then memorialized by placing an item relating to their life (for example, an arrowhead if they were a hunter, or a bag of seeds relating to a crop they grew) in a burlap bag, and then a stake driven into a corner of the bag to anchor it to the ground. Their ashes are then sprinkled over the bag and surrounding soil. This memorial is usually within their capital city's grove, but can be placed anywhere in the world at the request of the deceased.   The city's grove is tended to by 'The Ashwalkers', a group that protects and ensures the valuables are undisturbed.


Beauty Ideals

Tattooes are a widely accepted practice within the community, usually of Haathic runes detailing milestones in one's life. Killing a wolf could be a story told in a band across the arm, or an entire back piece dedicated to defending the homeland against intruders.   Otherwise men are generally favored with long, well kept beards and mustaches, and women often braid their hair. Strength is considered beautiful, so they may often keep the part of their body that they consider to display the most strength, visible.
A typical Hathuun male
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