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(a.k.a. The Frigid Saviour)

Ysiron and his fellow Dracone Ironara should be regarded as heroes like the individuals they fought alongside during the final days of the Wars
— Shagrax Niron, Dragonborn historian & author of Dragons Throughout History


Ysiron was a silver dragon, last seen at an age of roughly 500 at the end of the Cataclysm Wars. Therefore, he was regarded as an adult dragon, though leaner than most dragons of his age. He is always depicted as having glistening silvery scales from head to the tip of his tail. He had sharp metallic bony protrusions above each eye, like a mohawk of metal on the edge of each side of the top of his head.  


Ysiron was first observed in 386BCE and judged to be just on the cusp of adulthood in terms of size and therefore around 100 years old. As such, Ysiron's estimated birth year is 486BCE. Like most recorded silver dragons, Ysiron appears to be raised in the colder climates of the northern continent of Essidon. At some point, Ysiron made his way to Aldenia and was sighted on the rare occasion in the northern side of the namesake Dracon Peaks that surround the Dracaran city of Vox Dracon. Dracon is the Old Tongue for Dragon. The Dracone Ironara ('Dragons from Metal') do often like make homes close to humanoid civilisations for benevolent reasons.  

Ysiron, The Frigid Saviour

In the latter days of the Wars, as the The Council of Nine forged more alliances with Dracone Cromara ('Dragons from Colour)', an initiative was brought about by the Forces of Light to seek out the good-aligned dragonkin to fight their evil brethren. Ysiron was one such dragon. Reports state that Ysiron required less persuading than anticipated. The Ironarae have particular vendettas against specific types of their opposite numbers but are willing to strike down any, if necessary. Silvers harbour an increased hatred for the White and Red dragons within the Cromarae. Ysiron targeted the White Dragon, Krythana, first. Krythana hailed from the cold tundras of the Kingdom of Gonde in Northeast Mysandros and was at the time terrorising the continent of Mysandros as a whole, but attempting to create a new frozen wasteland in the elven city of Falerond. After a months-long tussle between the two, Ysiron emerged victorious, ridding Mysandros of one scourge.  

A Feud of Ice and Fire

Cieris, a red dragon, rose to prominence during the tail-end of Ysiron's time in Mysandros. Cieris was a particularly vindictive Dracon Cromara, solely focused on sowing as much destruction as possible, burning village after village to ashes. Ysiron return to his home continent began a feud that would last the remainder of the Cataclysm Wars. Early in 1BCE, Ysiron managed to get the jump on The Immolator and the ensuing fight was fought across the north of the continent. Both Ysiron and Cieris were spotted tumbling towards the Mountains of Fury, an area of deep volcanic activity, presumed to be where Cieris lived. Neither have been since and are presumed dead.
Year of Birth
486 BCE 1071 Years old


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