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Wildfolk Caravans

You know immediately that the group you've stumbled across are Wildfolk from their signature brightly coloured caravans. Walking into a Wildfolk is like walking into a rainbow itself.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer

Appearance & Meaning

The caravan itself is usually around 7 to 8ft long and 5 to 6ft wide. The caravan will usually have extended rails on front step area, which make it a little longer on top of that. The most iconic aspect of the Wildfolk caravan is the painted exterior. The Wildfolk value life and nature and so they paint their wagons in the brightest life-affirming colours possible. These are usually blues, greens and yellows, reflecting sky/water, nature and the sun/light but all colours are usually represented within one community, so you will see reds, oranges, pinks and purples too.   In keeping with the worship of nature, the wagons are not just plain colours. They will feature designs with leaves, vines and flowers. Important events in the owners' lives will be painted in as time progresses. Events like marriages and births. Even deaths of loved ones. All things deserve to be remembered in the Wildfolk community. The passing of a loved one is immortalised as a remembrance of their life.   As time goes on, the paintwork will fade, flake and rub off. The owner will repaint over the worn sections, often altering the design that came before. This is a reflection of how they themselves have altered and changed since the original painting was undertaken.  

Functionality & Community

The caravans move on four large wagon-like wheels. When in transit, the front step acts as the seat for the owner to hold the reins of the horse pulling the caravan. The small communities of Wildfolk tend to number between one and two dozen people, although larger communities do exist. The larger communities tend to be more static, however. The caravans are just big enough for two people to sleep in with a little bit of room. The Wildfolk are not materialistic and that is reflected in the caravan's size being barely more than what is necessary. Any tools and equipment are stored in compartments bolted to the sides of the caravan. Only items of personal value tend to be kept inside the caravan.   On the road, the caravan chain will be led by the Wildfolk Elders


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