Archdevil (a.k.a. The Many Named)

Azintor, the Many Named, is the one who appears when you are at your weakest, promising you what you most desire whilst taking what you most needed.
— Gordan Kreen, High Priest and author of 'Devils and the Hells'
  Azintor, The Many Named, Archdevil of Desperation, The Broker, Manipulator of Men, Lord of Deals, is one of the nine Archdevils that belong to The Axodia (Old Tongue for Anti-Gods)  

Appearance & Personality

Azintor is depicted as almost-human, apart from his red skin. He has short, black, spiralled horns that curl backwards away from his temples. He is usually drawn with a black waistcoat, with a gold pocket watch in his breast pocket. He is said to be quite handsome, with a muscled-but-not-bulky body. He is a stickler for details, especially time limits in the deals he makes or oversees. He is thought to be incredibly charming, almost as charming as the Archdevil of Lust: Laveus. He is generally considered to be rather genial, for an Archdevil, but should you attempt to double-cross him or back out of a deal you've made, then you'll see his Archdevil nature in full force.  


Like all Archdevils, it is believed he can take humanoid form and blend into society should he wish to walk amongst the mortal world. In illustrations and paintings based on this, he is typically seen in similar garb to his natural form. His persuasive ability could be due to natural charm or it could be from supernatural talents.  


Azintor lives on the Agrelm. The Agrelm is the first level of the Hells, separated from the seven that make up The Ring of Sin, and the Realm of Evil that lies even further below that. It is the supposed connecting point of the mortal realm and the Hells. It is said to be a black stone city with canals of lava. Azintor himself has a large palace within the city, where he resides.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Biological Sex
Raven black
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
The Axodia


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