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Centrum Galleon


  Centrum galleons are among the largest sea faring vessels produced in Quassus since The Great Collapse. They are the first ships to be outfitted with Centrum's new gunpowder weaponry, and the vessel in question can outfit up to two rows of such weaponry. These are considered to be the most powerful ships to sail the seas as of 1277AGC, although Lunaria and Helia have been working on rival projects. As of 1277, twenty-five such ships have been built with five more currently under construction. It is difficult to know how many of these galleons Centrum intends to ultimately build and there are rumors that the city has been designing a new, even better vessel.   While these vessels are certainly built to give Centrum a strong military asset, they are registered as Centrum Merchant Vessels (CMV). The city intends to uphold the perception that the city's assets are mostly focused on trade and commerce and that any military grade equipment is reserved for defense.   Because these were the largest ships of their time, Captain Amaya Quickwind managed to acquire four of these vessels for her 1158AGC voyage around the world.

Notable Centrum Galleons:

  • C.M.V. Marigold Apace
  • C.M.V. Suerte Inesperada

  • Ancient Inspiration?

      There are rumors that the galleon was based off of a recovered wreckage, or even a fully intact ship. The remains of a wooden sailing ship surviving throughout the years of The Great Collapse is a remarkable occurrence, though it was probably petrified by one of many magic fields. Perhaps this rumored vessel was a museum piece during the days of the The Ancient Order. No such find is evident in or around Centrum.


    Three masts each rigged with sails. The two fore-most masts are rigged with square sails while the aft-most is rigged with a lateen sail.

    Weapons & Armament

    • Ballista
    • Gunpowder cannons (new, experimental)
    Used by
    Owning Organization
    8 - 9.5m (26.25 - 31.17ft)
    30 - 45m (98.43 - 147.64ft)
    500 tons average
    8-9 knots average
    Cargo & Passenger Capacity
    20-100 tons

    Note(s) from the Archivists:

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