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Thevril, the White Lady - PV/Tari

Thevril, the White Lady is the goddess of death & dying, twilight and funerary rites. She is seen as the the keeper and shepherd of souls. When a mortal soul dies, she weighs their actions against their believes and sends them to the realm she deems the most fitting.
If a child dies and has no one - no family or deity - to send them to, she keeps them in her realm, settling them in the impression of a Wonderland, until their souls are ready to move on or return to the world.
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Thevril is a very tall and slender woman, deathly pale skin, almost colourless eyes. She is usually depicted wearing a white burial shroud, carrying a handheld sickle in one hand and a small scale in the other.

Thevril is generally described as kind hearted and gentle, but woe be the person who crosses her, as her anger is both magnificient and terrible to behold.


The most commonly used symbol for Thevril is a small scale inside of a handheld sickle.


  • as all deities, Thevril is most powerful during the month of Rahuul, when the veils between the plains and worlds are paperthin
  • she is said to be most powerful during fall and early winter, as well as at funeral sites, when and where many things die and pass over to hear realm, opening a multitude of pathways between her and Avaros
  • sending souls to other realms
  • granting reprieve from death


  • Do not pity the dead, care for those who remain.
  • Aid people to die with dignity and only when their time is right.
  • Destroy those who seek to live beyond their years by abberrant means.
  • Destroy the abomination of undeath.
  Ways her powers may not be used:  
  • they may absolutely not be used to elongate a life in abbarant means.
  • They may not be used to to create undeath
  • they may not be used to support either of those two done by others.


  • prayers to her can be done anywhere and everywhere, but in places of death they will reach her easier
  • it is said that certain incences will also be able to carry a message to her on its smoke


Lore and legend has it, that Thevril was once a mortal, as her followers now are. But when tragedy struck, leaving her home and family in ruins, she fought her way into the pantheon of Avaros, taking the province of death from the hands of nature.


  • The White Lady
  • The Last Scale
  • Death & Dying
  • Twilight
  • Funerary Rights
Common Symbol Scales inside a handheld sickle
Symbol of Thevril by Simurgh
Gender female
Pronouns she/her

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Character Portrait image: Nāve (Death) by Janis Rozentāls


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