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Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost is a weeklong celebration of all who have been lost. Honoring those who have fallen, be it in battle, on adventures, or just of age and sickness, this is a celebration of their life and loss. Towns will often set up games and and performances, while their market place grows with all of the surrounding denizens peddling what wares they have available. Revelers from the surrounding areas come together to drink, shop, and be enjoy time together.   In some of the larger populated areas large effigies are constructed and set ablaze in a ritual meant to appease the gods and grant the souls of the lost safe passage into the Matron's embrace.

Components and tools

Typically large feasts are a part of the celebration, along with various games. Some larger settlements will construct large effigies to set ablaze to appease the gods and secure safe passage for the lost souls in the Matron's embrace.


This week long festival falls during the third week of Abberous. It is celebrated in most of the settlements of Angimar, though the larger settlements have the larger celebrations.


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