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A ship used for commerce, exploration and warfare that has been used since before written history. It has a single mast with a large square sail.   The longship has two methods of propulsion: oars and sail. At sea, the sail enables longships to travel faster than by oar and to cover long distances overseas with far less manual effort. Oars are used when near the coast or in a river, to gain speed quickly, and when there was an adverse (or insufficient) wind. In combat, the variability of wind power made rowing the chief means of propulsion.   Due to the thin shape of the ship, it is impractical to mount a catapult or ballista on it so it only uses archers for ranged combat, which makes it suitable for quick raids on unprotected ports and weak ships but makes it vulnerable in a straight fight against heavier ships such as Galleys.   The sail is held in place by the mast which is up to 16 m (52 feet) tall.


Sail and Oar

Uncommon but not rare
16 m (52 ft)
27 meters (89 ft)
11 knots/20.3 kmph/12.6 mph

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