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Rules of the Society

Set of general rules that defines how the Society works. They establish the Caste system and regulate obligations and privileges of each social group. The Rules also describe the economic, political, and legal systems of the Atlantis-state. The economy of the Atlantis-state is defined as the communal capitalism (in which everybody is expected to participate to amass the common goods that are then distributed according to the effort put into the production), the political system is sociocratic republic, and the legal system is based on the Justinian's Codex.
The Rules of Society were established as the first document of the Atlantis and signed 4 July 1576. Despite being written by the representatives of he First Familiae, it is said they have been consulted with everyone. However, the Ton was vary of the too prim set of Rules as they believed the Society was meant to evolve. Therefore they agreed that the Rules must always be in accordance with the contemporary Society.
Every quarter-century the Rules are reviewed by the representatives of the Societas and the Operativa. The changes are discussed and put to vote in Castes. If the members of the Caste agree on them (⅔ majority) they are reviewed by the Ton. If at least one representative finds them reasonable they are put for public discussion and public vote. To implement the Amendment at least ¾ of eligible voters of 3 Castes (the Ton doesn't vote) must vote for.

The Caste system and economic property are not exactly related. The Ton generally has most of the money (eldest, brought first means, patents, they out effort a little into everything instead of a lot into one aspect), although most of Kilian's were confiscated by the state and redistributed among his victims. In the Societas financial situation varies from family to family. And in the Operativa some Domi are actually richer than Executiva, either due to very thrifty Curatori or talented creators applauded by the Society.

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