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The Ton

The most influential group of the Society. The alliance of the members of first thirteen Familiae, who established the Atlantis-State. They are responsible for creating the direction, where the Society should evolve socially, politically, economically, and technologically. The Ton validates Rules of the Society, patents and promotes most of the technological advancements of the Atlantis. Members of the Ton are also responsible for international communication.
Therefore, most of them are philosophers, politologists, scientists, and, in rare cases, sociologists. Unlike other castes however, they are allowed to study anything they wish, yet they are forbidden to practically use their knowledge.


Seven Familiae:
Familia de Kilian, Familia de Odinson, Familia de Pierce, Familia de Pym, Familia de Reid, Familia de Stark, Familia de T'Cha

Public Agenda

We create, how the world should look like:
ideas – models – prototypes – conceptual designs


Members of the Ton hold most of the patents and copyrights. As a result, they have vast financial resources at their disposal, although they are mostly donated to others.
Political, Alliance
Parent Organization
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