Of Muck and Mire - Lurkmire

Once a river that descended from the mountains of Snowgriffon's Peak, Of Muck and Mire is now a swamp, as the ancient river long ago overran its banks and turned the surrounding area (including a now long lost city) into a swamp.   Eventually, a lich moved into town and set up his home base in the ruined city.   The swamp is overgrown near the shore and gets more infested with undead and fae of the Shadowplane who have made a pact with the lich as you progress deeper.   The lich is on the run from the Seelie court and a powerful lich for whom he used to work and from whom he stole his power.   The lich is also attempting to fulfill an ancient prophecy that one of his lineage will ascend to godhood. The one born with the mark shall ascend.
Wetland / Swamp
Inhabiting Species


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