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A world of three eras, of calamity and prosperity, of war and peace...   Athesia is one of near-infinite Prime Material Planes contained in its own sphere, untouchable by others except by beings not bound by mind nor body. The Calamity is far behind the people of Athesia, and the world has been able to rebuild from the ashes, and have now lived many generations at peace, many of which were spent recovering lost history and secrets of the Age of Arcana.   But, with a new era of converging powers and planes on the horizon, such peace and prosperity may not last much longer...   Athesia is based on a world written in my youth and has built up for use as a setting in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. If you're reading this, thank you for giving a chance to a world that brought me so much joy for so long. I hope to continue updating and playing in this little world of mine for years to come.