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Masquerade of the Moon

In the month of Marpenoth, a unique holiday unfolds with the arrival of the new moon, celebrated to ward off malevolent spirits, curses, and other dark entities during the darkest night of the year. This holiday, known as the 'Masquerade of the Moon,' has no fixed date and shifts with each occurrence of the new moon.   On this special night, each household kindles a large candle for every family member, with the freedom to embellish or keep it simple as they prefer. These candles are left alight until dawn, providing protection against sinister influences until the next Masquerade of the Moon.   As tradition dictates, people gather in groups to share spine-chilling ghost stories, adding an extra layer of mystique to the occasion. Meanwhile, children dress up as phantoms, zombies, or witches to safeguard themselves from these malevolent forces. The ambiance of the house is adorned with a palette of orange, black, and white, featuring numerous pumpkins, some embellished with carved faces and illuminated from within by small candles.