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Welcome to Asaria, the mystical universe created for the Sign of Alchemy novels, where magic is a first class citizen and technology is on par with the dawn of Earth's 18th century.   The name Asaria references both the largest continent and the world as a whole. A smaller, though substantial continent named Selandis is where most of the current novels' action takes place.   From it's mystical Jeweled Woods to the capital city of Selandis, a deep historical, cultural, and spiritual tradition is woven throughout this exquisite landscape.   While readers of the series will enjoy the canonized content, knowledge of the source material isn't essential to dive into this special corner of the ether.   I'm honored you're here, and invite you to follow this evolving world.
IMPORTANT: This site contains spoilers. If this bothers you, please read the Sign of Alchemy novels first before browsing this site.

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I didn't quite expect to be so taken with this one. When the ending of a book leaves you wanting more then to me that is a great book and this one has me needing to read the next one as soon as I can. I don't really like to give spoilers of any kind away but the end really had me choked up alot. A great way to spend some time in a world away. - LGandT
I really enjoyed watching Niv discover herself, her magic and her past through this novel. It's fun and engaging, with wildly different characters and a couple fun twists and turns. you think you know what's next, but there could always be a surprise around the next corner. Do yourself a favor and go visit the Jeweled Woods and Selandis. - Kindle Customer