Jeweled Woods

The afternoon sun shimmered through the tall canopy of the Jeweled Woods, scattering multicolored light onto the forest floor. Squirrels scampered across limbs gathering nuts from the vibrantly colored trees, and birds chirped as they enjoyed the bounty of late summer. Green, blue, orange, red, and purple leaves sheltered the grove, creating a mystical haven for its inhabitants. The scent of lush vegetation filled the air, accentuated by notes of pine and the fragrant orange flowers that lined the floor.


The Jeweled Woods is situated in the southwestern portion of the Selandis continent. The ocean lies on its western coast, featuring rocky shores with few spots suitable for ships to land. The forest edge is close to the shore, and the dense canopy extends for leagues until it melds into the plains that begin just east of Ashmar.


The Jeweled Woods has a rich ecosystem featuring a vast array of forest wildlife. Glowing mushrooms commonly grow on the forest floor and near and on the trunks of the mighty trees that canopy the forest. Elvemon bushes are plentiful and provide the primary export for the forest's inhabitants.

Ecosystem Cycles

The canopy of the forest is consistent throughout the year. Plants have adapted to this filtered sunlight, taking advantage of the plentiful rain and rich soil to grow lush foliage.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species


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