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002 Shalent

The Wood Skulker Pokémon

Shalent is shy and very easily grows nervous, but still longs for companionship. It will often hide itself amid the underbrush and lie motionless, trying to decide if humans or other Pokémon are potential threats before approaching.   Shalent prefers to remain hidden while searching for food, but if forced into a fight will respond swiftly and aggressively. Similarly, though indeed shy, Shalent will immediately and intensely defend a trainer they have bonded with if they are threatened. It can often be less than enthusiastic about battles between trainers, but can still enjoy the challenge if directed by a trainer it is particularly close to.
— Arvent Regional Pokédex #002

Basic Information


Shalent is of both the Grass and Rock Type. It is weak to the Bug, Fighting, Steel, and Ice Types. It is resistant Electric and Normal Types. It most commonly possesses the ability Overgrow, which increases the strength of Grass-Type moves in a pinch, but may on rare occasions possess the ability Chlorophyll, which increases Speed in sunny weather.   Shalent is fast and physically powerful, with an appreciable capability with non-physical attacks and precision. It is much more lacking in terms of defenses, though are considerable improved over the younger Sproudyll.   The majority of a Shalent's body is made from a partiularly flexible variety of wood, layered over in several tactically advantageous places with plates of shale. The most prominent of their plates covers the head, and the space between its eyes. The space between the plates is covered by a layer of fur similar to moss. Shalents move around chiefly through the form of limbless locomotion known commonly as slithering.

Genetics and Reproduction

Being the intermediate stage of an incredibly long-lived Pokémon, Shalent does not have a particularly strong drive to produce offspring. Furthermore, being shy and anxious, Shalent tend not to find mates until they evolve into Eldspar. That being said, Shalent is biologically capable of producing offspring should it find a mate.   Shalent is in the Grass and Dragon egg groups. Eggs lain by a female Shalent will hatch young Sproudyll.

Growth Rate & Stages

Shalent is the evolved form of Sproudyll, and evolves into Eldspar. Strictly speaking, Sproudyll does not require any special methods or techniques to evolve into Shalent, nor Shalent into Eldspar; standard training will suffice.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lacking the digging nose of Sproudyll, and the root harvesting nose and tail of the Eldspar, Shalent primarily relies on food it finds on the surface. It has a particular fondness for tender, freshly sprouted plants, but can eat leaves, berries, and vegetables. Strictly speaking, Shalent is physically capable of eating meat, but is often far too anxious to hunt for prey, and in those instances where it is attacks, it takes the first opportunity to flee, which will prevent it from ever eating the attacker.
Conservation Status
Though incredibly rare, this is primarily due to specimens living far from captivity, and being incredibly difficult to breed in captivity. It is not currently believed that the populations of Shalent, or prior or former evolutionary forms, are in any way threatened or in danger of extinction.
Average Weight
15 - 18 kg (33.06 - 39.68 lbs.)
Average Length
120 - 175 cm (47.24 - 68.9 in.)

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