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001 Sproudyll

The Sprout Snake Pokémon

Sproudyll uses its nose to dig burrows among the roots of trees to hide from threats, and is very shy around strangers. When frightened, it rolls over dramatically, and releases a very pungent odor, to trick potential predators into thinking that it is long-dead and would make an unhealthy meal.   Sproudyll tends to live in forests deep in treacherous wilderness, far from settlements and routes built by humans. It slithers around on the ground, and can manipulate its environment with the leaves on its sides.
— Arvent Regional Pokédex #001

Basic Information


Sproudyll are exclusively of the Grass-Type. They are weak to attacks of the Fire, Poison, Ice, Bug, and Flying Types. They are resistant to attacks of the Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water Types. They most commonly possess the ability Overgrow, which increases the strength of Grass-Type moves in a pinch, but may on rare occasions possess the ability Chlorophyll, which increases Speed in sunny weather.   Sproudyll are fast and physically powerful, for their level of development. They are also possessed of considerable non-physical offensive abilities and precision, again relative to their stage of development. Their defenses, however, are much more lacking.   Sproudyll bodies are mainly composed of a particularly flexible variety of plant matter, somewhat similar to a newly sprouted plant. It completely lacks conventional limbs. It moves primarily through the form of limbless locomotion known commonly as slithering, but it is capable of hopping and sliding around using the leaf-like appendages sprouting from its sides, which it can also use to manipulate the environment around it. Its nose ends in a hardened nub.

Genetics and Reproduction

Being the initial stage of its evolutionary line, particularly that of an especially long-lived Pokémon, Sproudyll do not often breed. Though it possesses the biological capability to reproduce, it tends to be hindered both by its aforementioned lack of instinctual drive, and by its shyness around potential mates with which it is unfamiliar.   Sproudyll belongs to the Grass and Dragon Egg Groups. Eggs lain by Sproudyll mothers will hatch into another Sproudyll.

Growth Rate & Stages

Sproudyll evolves into Shalent, which in turn later evolves into Eldspar. Sproudyll does not require special methods or preparations to evolve, and conventional training will suffice. However, because Proudyll tend towards being such shy creatures, trainers may need to socialize them and bond emotionally with them before they feel confident enough to train consistently.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sproudyll is generally herbivorous, its diet consisting of primarily of seeds and roots, which it digs up using the hardened nub at the end of its nose. However, it is small and its jaws are not particularly strong, so it is usually only able to eat the roots of small plants.   Sproudyll possesses a digestive system necessary to consume meat, but lacks the instincts and any physical adaptations it would need to hunt prey.
Conservation Status
Though incredibly rare, this is primarily due to specimens living far from captivity, and being incredibly difficult to breed in captivity. It is not currently believed that the populations of Sproudyll, or any of its future evolutionary forms, are in any way threatened or in danger of extinction.
Average Weight
10 - 13 kg (22.04 - 28.66 lbs.)
Average Length
55 - 90 cm (21.65 - 35.43 in.)

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