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Tamara's Reign

The damage after Tamara's demise is still visible in lots of parts of Forice even though the current Queen is working hard to help those who suffered to get their lives back to as normal as possible. Here's some things that still need working on:
  • Numerous houses, storage facilities, animal-holding buildings as well as production buildings such as grain and timber mills are to be repaired;
  • There are tons of roads - big, small; in woods, between villages and between bigger cities that need to be rebuild;
  • In the orcans' raids a lot of villagers actually lost their cattle and pets and other animals they need for their homes - The twins as well as John from the Royal family are currently working on gathering the necessary resources for those to be returned to the families. |>
  • For those who lost relatives from the raids and the war or they were kidnapped and simply misplaced /and are still alive somewhere/ - teams of dracoss and other mixed species are combing through the main continent of Forice as well as some of the islands south of Morkan to look for the bodies and the individuals who are with "missing" status. They are all to be eventually reunited with their families or properly buried. 


Tamara was discovered to be the sister of Queen Merand - the mother of the current Queen of Forice. For years Tamara grew up away from her family, closing herself off in Morkan - a desert in the south parts of the main continent. Through her rage and with her powers she scared away the Dragons of Winter robbing the world of a vital part of its nature, and took the Royal dragon - the one meant to be the Queen's Taming Wars partner in the end. Throwing the world as Forice knew it in panic she got Valora Parker Krown to come to Forice to fulfill a prophecy that said that "One day a child of fire will bring back the Winter's cold" . Tamara died in the war that brought on. She was a second queen scorching the Forice lands for over 50 years before Valora was summoned. When the young princess came she stayed less than three months.
* John & the twins are pretty much gathering DNA from the specific types of cattle lost as well as the other creatures the families need. The DNA is to be turned into a special formula and either artificially or through surrogate parent be brought into the world as the creatures missing.

Dissolution Date
August, 2015 in our human time; July 2015 in Terra time
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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