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Joining the Chapter


Hi, my name is _____, and I have worldbuilder's disease.
— You, probably

Thank you for checking out Articles Anonymous!

This is a new chapter for worldbuilders looking to have a small supportive group while they expand their worlds and create new articles. Whether you're a new or veteran Anvilite or are building for a novel, campaign setting, for fun, or anything in between, Articles Anonymous is here to help you reach your goals! If you're interested in becoming a member, please make sure you meet the qualifications and then follow the steps to joining below.  

Membership Qualifications

  • Have the Denizon role in the WA Discord.
  • Have been active in the WA Discord within the past 30 days.
  • Have an active World Anvil account that's synced to the Discord server. Please check out the Codex page for instructions on how to sync your account.

Steps to Joining

  1. Check that Articles Anonymous is accepting new members
  2. DM alishahr (Elizabread) on Discord and include a link to your world of profile on World Anvil to let me know that you'd like to join!
  3. Be patient while your application is reviewed.
  4. Once approved, you'll receive a message in the #chapter-common-room welcoming your arrival!


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