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"One title just wasn't enough for Emrys. King Slayer, Beacon of Hope... Warlord. Honestly, I'm not sure which one he prefers but all of them involve him doing a crazy amount of damage to someone. Verbally or physically..."
  Warlord is the title given to the leader of New Purgatory. This designates them as the official decision maker for the settlement, and the head of any military battle that involves the soldiers of the settlement. They can be any gender but over the past 1000 years, have been a direct descendent of Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu and Ruthren Ddraig Sy'n Ddu.   The Warlord is expected to be at the top of their military prowess, in whatever manner they choose to fight in. They are expected to be confident leaders, to be able to make decisions that benefit everyone involved, and to be diplomatic enough to stop any battles before they happen if possible. The Warlord is well respected in the community and also in the nearby settlement of Limbo.



No qualifications are officially needed to become Warlord of New Purgatory. It is strongly recommended that they are competent at reading, writing and fighting to be able to lead effectively. They are also expected to have empathy for the people and to never feel that they are higher and mightier than those that work under them.



The purpose of the Warlord is to provide a 'head' to New Purgatory who can make the official decisions on behalf of the whole community. The title is somewhat unnecessary but has been handed down since the time of The Beacons of Hope and is seen as a tie to their origin. The Warlord is the person that everyone looks up to and aspires to be like.
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